Mar 29, 2012

At the Farm

by Salina Yoon

This board book is just the right size for little hands, and pretty entertaining for my baby! It's a simple book, each page just has an object found on a farm- milk can, watermelon slice, sheep, tractor, etc.- one word to name it, and a bold, bright picture. What really entertains my daughter about this book is that some of the pages have shapes cut out- on one page an owl has some tear-drop shaped feathers as cut shapes, when you turn the page it's a watermelon and the cut shapes are the seeds. First the baby liked just touching the shapes, then she discovered if the page is held open a bit she can put her finger through, and then the whole thing turns into a game with her and I wiggling our fingers through the holes. It's so much fun when the book is done she wants to start all over again, several times! I think this little book is going to rival Happy Baby Colors now in her esteem.

Borrowed from the public library. Going to see if I can find more similar books by this author, but that's always hard in the baby section!

rating: 4/5 ........ 12 pages, 2011

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Susan said...

My kids would have loved this one - they liked anything with shapes, and colours, and things to count, and animals. Yes, if they were still babies, I'd get this! It's always fun to find books they enjoy, isn't it?