Jan 10, 2012

Happy Baby Colors

by Roger Priddy, et al

I've returned all the baby books to the library, to help enforce my participation in the TBR challenge by avoiding that building! So we're stuck with our own board books now, most of which used to belong to my older daughter. Right now this fat one is the babe's favorite. Each spread of  Happy Baby Colors features a color, showing four objects with that color and on the facing page a baby dressed in the color holding an object of the same color (green: peas, frog, leaf, pear, baby in a green sweater holding a green block). The photos are all very clear and bright, the babies are all cute, and my little one loves looking at them. It's nice to see a variety of familiar objects in slightly different shades of each color, too. After going through the rainbow white, black and grey are featured, then some rainbow-colored things (beach ball, macaw) and black and white (zebra, dalmation, penguin). The final page has four squares of color opposite four objects and invites baby to match the colors to objects. For a book of its type that is just about teaching little ones some basic vocabulary and recognition, it's really an attractive book. A little heavy and definitely too large for baby to handle on her own, but she loves it so much.

rating: 4/5 ....... 28 pages, 2001

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