Feb 17, 2012

Brum! and Vroom!

by Leo Timmers

Brum! and  Vroom! are two more little board books that feature silly animals driving vehicles with various sound effects. Only I didn't like these two as much as Toot! There is only one sound for each book, that of the title, repeated on every page. I preferred Toot! which had a different sound for each vehicle. I had to make up little phrases to go with each picture, in singsong, to keep my child's interest. Regardless, the pictures are still adorable- there's a rhino driving a sports car, a forklift carrying a hippo, a front-loader carrying a heap of soil and earthworms, etc. It's charming, but just not quite as engaging as the previous book.

rating: 2/5 ........ 14 pages each, 2009

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Trish said...

I haven't seen either of these but will be on the lookout for Toot! I'm bored with the baby books I have and need some new ones--Elle likes the touchy feeling ones so I need to pick up some more of those as well.