Jan 3, 2012


by Leo Timmers

Most of the books I pick up for the baby either feature animals or basic shapes, colors, etc. I wanted something a bit different for once, and this Toot! was just right. The pages show various types of vehicles- fire truck, police car, ice cream truck, cold-storage, semi and trolley or cable car- along with the different sounds they make, from a ting-a-ling-ting to a wailing siren or deep honk. I make up my own little jingle for the ice-cream truck page because it's more cool that way. The pictures are bright and very engaging, the different animals in the trucks look so funny. I always get to the end wanting to add one more page that will say beep! but see that there's another book of his called Vroom! that has taxis and cars, so I guess that one's got the beep in it.

rating: 3/5 ........ 14 pages, 2009


Literary Feline said...

How cute! Mouse got quitea few books for Christmas this year. She isn't much for sitting still yet to be read to, but she sure loves chomping on the corners and tossing the books on the floor. :-) Her latest game is to toss them and say, "Oh!" each time.

Jeane said...

Mine looses interest in them quick; I have to keep a dozen on hand and rotate a few out every couple of days or she gets bored- just flips the pages as fast as she can and wants the next one!