Jan 11, 2012

Curious George's ABCs

by H.A. Rey

Another one of the ABC books in our house. This one is actually based on a previous book called Curious George Learns the Alphabet, which I'm pretty certain was read to me as a child, as it sounds very familiar. In this short version, each page introduces a letter with a little phrase that uses several words beginning with the same letter. The alliteration makes reading it fun, and the pictures are quite charming- each letter is transformed into the animal, person or object that it stands for. The A forms the open mouth of the alligator (as seen on the cover), C is the curved shell of the crab, D is the belly of the dinosaur, and so on. This is one of the first books my baby actually seemed to enjoy; when she was very small she would squirm if I tried to sit and read her any baby book, but with this one she would sit quietly and pat the pages. When she's older I'll probably look for the original book to read to her, but for now this one is just right.

rating: 3/5 ......... 24 pages, 1998


carol said...

I love Curious George, at least the new one. The original ones are kind of odd.

Jeane said...

That's funny, I always preferred the older stories, with their unexpected turns. The newer ones feel too predictable to me: he always gets in trouble but turns out to save the day even when he didn't plan to!