Sep 6, 2010

Hanging Plants for Modern Living

by M. Jane Coleman

Okay, so this isn't really a book but more properly a booklet, or pamphlet. Or at least it feels so to me, because the binding is stapled, not sewn or stitched. It's a plant care book specifically about suspended houseplants. I've kind of taken a fancy to hanging plants lately, and so picked this one up mainly to look at the pictures. Like most plant books, it has information on specific plant care and troubleshooting problems with pests and health. It points out the special care hanging plants need, as they tend to dry out quicker. The bulk of the book is a gallery of plant species that do well or look nice in hung pots or baskets. I tend to think of trailing plants like pothos as suitable for such display, but others I'd never have thought to put up in the air are shown here too- like African violets, flowering geraniums and zebra plants. Mostly I used this book to make myself a list of all the new plants I find attractive, to add to my plant wishlist. As far as plant books go, the care information is pretty basic and the photos all look outdated; the style and decor feels very much from the seventies. I'm really only noting this book here for my own records; not really expecting anyone else will be moved to read it!

Rating: 2/5 ........ 80 pages, 1975


Zibilee said...

I would love to have more hanging plants around here, but the problem is that my ceilings are just too high!! I think hanging plants really give a room color and make for a cozy atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking I should have more plants inside the house. It just seems healthier somehow, but then I'm afraid I'll kill them.