Nov 8, 2009

Nov reviews- DogEar Challenge

Here's the place to put review links this month, for books read for the DogEar Reading Challenge. Only one month left!

I know two readers have finished already, but I'm still searching for my last book to read, an adult fantasy. I tried all the ones left on my shelf, and for one reason or another none of them worked for me- Moon Called got boring, Tolkien's Silmarillion and Book of Lost Tales had such an archaic, dry writing style I could not understand it, much less enjoy- and The Summer Country was just bleh. I didn't even make it through the first chapter of that. The rest of the unread fantasy books in my house are YA, so I started going through my TBR list, but dismayed to find most aren't even in my public library system, and the few that are, reside in other branches. So I'm going to have to request them and wait a bit...

Anyhow, if you're reading along for my little challenge, leave your links here for the month of Nov!

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