Oct 24, 2009

Moon Called

by Patricia Briggs

I have been dragging and dragging my way through this book for the past several days, and just not getting anywhere. It might be the author's writing style, or perhaps werewolf books just aren't my thing (this is the first one I've tried). The premise was interesting- a female mechanic whose ancestors were Native American shamans has the ability to shape-shift into a coyote. She gets mixed up in a power struggle between two different werewolf packs. She's not as powerful as them, but can sense magic, identify people by their smell, see in the dark, etc. In her world (kind of like McKinley's Sunshine) magical beings live alongside but hidden from normal people- so there are vampires, witches and other fae on the fringes of the story. I liked reading the details about how their society worked, the social dynamics like a wolf pack, the "new" werewolves struggling against their animal instinct. But I wanted to read more about what it felt like to be in the animal form, I wasn't connecting to any of the characters, and the constant telling of backstory throughout the plot slowed it down for me. I made it about halfway through- 126 pages.

I grabbed Moon Called at a discard sale, because of a review at You Can Never Have Too Many Books that made me want to read it. I've seen it on many other blogs; see a few links below.

Abandoned                         288 pages, 2006

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Jenny said...

Your blog looks all different! Am I insane? Have I just been too bleary getting up early the past few mornings too notice this? I like it!

Jeane said...

Thanks! I changed it all just recently. Needed a different look.

Cath said...

Sorry this one didn't work for you, but at least you tried.

Shannon said...

Good try, and thank you for the great (honest) review!! It's refreshing when a reader can say "Eh, I tired it, it wasn't for me,what's next?" =) Happy Reading!

Peter S. said...

Hi, Jeane! Is this book of the urban fantasy genre? I keep having problems every time I read urban fantasy. I can't seem to identify with any of the characters.

Jeane said...

Cath- It's further than I usually go before giving up on something- halfway through!

Shannon- Well, glad to know someone finds these "abandoned" posts useful! I feel lame saying I didn't like a book so many others loved. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it.

Peter- Yes, I think this is what you would call urban fantasy. I've only read a few that fit the description; some better and others not so compelling for me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this one wasn't for you. I love this series, but to each her own.