Sep 9, 2009

wondrous words

from Oryx and Crake:

Vermiform- "He'd used the vermiform appendix as the base on which to construct the necessary organ..."
Definition: shaped like a worm, long and thin

Inchoate- "... events had marked him, he'd had his own scars, his dark emotions. Ignorant, perhaps. Unformed, inchoate."
Definition: in an early stage, not yet fully developed

Troglodyte- "He was feeling more and more like a troglodyte."
Definition: a primitive person who lives in a cave

Plangent- "Maybe they'd pick it up now, in time for a heartfelt, plangent, and action-filled finale."
Definition: expressing sadness, or: loud and resounding

Homogenized- "Just in time, fear has homogenized his bowels."
Definition: to make uniform in consistency, especially through a fluid (ew)

Snaffle- "He fills up an empty beer bottle with boiled water, then snaffles a standard-issue micro-fibre laundry bag from the bedroom..."
Definition: to seize quickly and easily

and from The Cats of Lamu:

Raconteur- "A great raconteur, Kay was full of fun and always ready for a put-on or a joke, which the locals loved- when they understood the sometimes alien punch line."
Definition: a person skilled at telling stories

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bermudaonion said...

I love the sound of snaffle! I'm going to try to use that one. Thanks for participating today!

Jeane said...

I always knew the definition of snaffle as part of a horse bridle (from reading Black Beauty, maybe) but this was the first time I knew it meant something else, as well!

An Anonymous Child said...

I quite like "raconteur". A useful word for reviewers, no?