Sep 3, 2009

wondrous words

A day late, with this meme. Well, here are the rest of the new words I found, in Search for the Golden Moon Bear:

Ordnance- "Unexploded ordnance still infects the countryside."
Definition: weapons and other military supplies

Epiphyte- "The trees along the Mekong have epiphytes- ferns, orchids, and sometimes even cactic perch harmlessly on the branches..."
Definition: a plant that grows on another plant for support but does not take nutrients from it

Echelon- "No wonder he was still awaiting approval from the upper echelons of the Forest Department to proceed with his reintroduction plans..."
Definition: a level of power or responsibility

and from Daughters of the Sunstone:

Rapproachement- "She had made a final rapprochment with herself while she slept."
Definition: the re-establishment of friendly relations

Renege- "Finally, Reyna guessed, she had grown so oppressed by the daily terror of waking and realizing that her challenge still lay ahead that she had simply gone, impulsively, without preparation or ceremony, before she could renege."
Definition: to renounce, disown; to fail to carry out a promise or commitment

Abrogate- "Aberra had gone, abrogating every tradition of a palace daughter's leave-taking."
Definition: to abolish, do away with, cancel; especially by invested authority

Diffidently- "The hall monitor approached and spoke diffidently, his wizened face concerned."
Definition: timidly, reserved

Impinge- "Every sensory clue impinged upon her, demanding its brief moment of attention."
Definition: to trespass, encroach upon

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bermudaonion said...

You did find lots of great words! I knew ordnance for some odd reason - maybe because my dad was in the military? Thanks for participating!

Jenny said...

I know ordnance from this old French film, King of Hearts. It's all about this French town that's supposed to be blown up by the Germans, so the town evacuates and the lunatics from the asylum take over the town. Quite quite wonderful.

Jeane said...

That film sounds interesting. My husb loves foreign films, maybe we'll look for it!