Sep 7, 2009

What An Animal II

After some thinking I've decided to change what I'm reading for the What An Animal I challenge. Mostly because all the books I listed before are ones I'd reach for anyways; I'm going to read them whether they're on my challenge list or not. And I want to stretch myself a bit. So I'm making a new list, to encourage myself to read more of the "coffee-table books" that have sat on my shelves unread, browsed so far only for their beautiful photos. They are:

The Cats of Lamu
by Jack Couffer
The Long African Day
by Norman Meyers
The Majesty of the Horse by Dean Server
The Wolf Almanac by Robert H. Busch
Penguins of the World by Wayne Lynch
Encyclopedia of the Cat by Bruce Fogle
Marsh Lions by Brian Jackman
Killer Whales by Sara Heimlich
Frogs by David Badger
Alligators and Crocodiles by John Behler
Tigers in the Snow by Peter Matthiessen

I'm going to try and read one a month, into February.

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