Feb 3, 2009


This week instead of giving away a book, I'm holding a drawing for some of these bookmarks. A trio of puppy dogs! To get your name in the hat, leave a comment and tell me which breed of dog is your favorite. My daughter likes dalmations (they have spots!), my husband favors staffordshire bull terriers (the tough image) and toy poodles (they're smart, plus his grandma had one), and I've always liked basenjis. They are so cool looking, and they don't bark. But I had a childhood friend who had two, and said they were really good at howling. I don't know if I could ever live with one.... what about you?
The winner of these bookmarks will be chosen at random on 3/10/09. (Enter for one, two, or all three, just tell me which ones you'd like!)


Eva said...

How generous! I love all three! :D

I used to be *really* into dog breeds, so I have to try to narrow this down. My absolute favourites are Bouvier des Flandres, toy poodles (as long as they don't have those ridiculous show cuts!), and malteses. So I either like really big dogs or really small ones. :D And all of these happen to be non-shedding, but I'm not allergic to dogs.

~Jewel said...

i love Siberian huskies.

Julie P. said...

I think these are adorable! I'd love to win any one of them.

carolsnotebook said...

I'd love to win any of these. They're adorable. I don't have a favorite breed. I like small mutts, but my daughter's favorite is Golden Retrievers.

____Maggie said...

Oh, my! Pick me! I'm a bookmark ho!

Kris said...

oh..me me me! I love the middle one of the bulldog!

My favorite breed is St. Bernard.
My family had one when I was young and she was wonderful. I love big dogs. I love that they don't want to play all the time, just want to sit next to you and chill. That is my kind of dog!

My husband doesn't like big dogs though, and he doesn't want to deal with the slobber, so we have a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. This dog has the best personality. I've never had a dog with this much personality. She's so much fun.

jennysbooks said...

I absolutely love our standard poodle, but I've always, always wanted a greyhound. They're so elegant. I love the Dalmatian bookmark - reminds me of Cruella De Vil. :)