Sep 1, 2008


free books

Time to announce the winners of my Blogiversary Giveaway!
I just picked the names out of the bowl. And they are:

Tina Jewel won The World of Pooh
Nymeth of Things Mean a Lot won The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

If you would both send your physical address to jeanenevarez AT gmail DOT com, I will post your books in the next few days. Happy reading!

As a side note, Andi of Andi Lit just gave me the Brillante Blog award yesterday. It's the second time I received it, so I've already passed this one on to seven other wonderful book bloggers. Thank you so much for the recognition, Andi!


Nymeth said...

yay! Thanks, Jeane! I'll e-mail you my address.

Melody said...

Congrats, Tina & Nymeth! :D

TinaJewel said...

I had replied to your email but somehow it isn't getting to you. Could it have went to your spam blocker?
I am thrilled to get this book! My 9 year old son asked if I would share it with him!
I do not want to put my address onto a public forum. SO if you do not get my reply let me know and I will think up another way to get it to you. Maybe message me through the Message Me option on my giveaway blog? I am sorry for the hassle this has caused.