Sep 24, 2008

So That Others May Live

Caroline Hebard & Her Search-And-Rescue Dogs
by Hank Whittemore

So That Others May Live is the inspiring story of a woman who trained and worked with search-and-rescue dogs, particularly two german shepherds. The book describes how she became interested in doing search-and-rescue, how she acquired her dogs, methods of working with them, several missions to disaster sites (earthquakes and the Oklahoma City bombing) and her pioneering work in organizing rescue teams. It also talks about the psychological trauma of her work, especially how the search for dead victims was difficult for both her and the dogs. While the main focus is on rescue efforts at disaster sites, she also used the dogs to help search for missing persons and criminals; this is discussed briefly. The writing style of this book is pretty simple, so it's a quick read, one that will warm the heart of a dog-lover or those interested in similar types of volunteer rescue work.

Rating: 3/5                       295 pages, 1995

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