Sep 27, 2008


A Celebration of Birth
by Carroll Dunham

One of the books I read when pregnant with my daughter (she's now three). Mamatoto is a collection of cultural practices and beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth. It's full of art, poetry, fables and stories from all around the world. Some of the content is humorous, most of it is encouraging, giving advice, or just showing how different cultures view the process of birth. The art and photographs are lovely. I remember when reading it being astonished at some of the folklore, and wish I had a copy in hand to share examples with you, but my local library doesn't have it. This is a beautiful book, wonderful for any new or expecting mother.

Rating: 4/5                     176 pages, 1992


cipriano said...

Jeane, I have not read this Dunham book about art, but you make it sound interesting. Speaking of art, in your painting Old Lady Crane, I like how the crane is flying, even though so low to the ground. As though to truly help the old lady the bird knows it must do what the old lady cannot do for herself, which is walk, however feebly, with her cane. That is really neat. And I see the use of birds/flight in other pieces, too. Like the birds beyond the window, in Small Comforts.
Wishing you a great weekend.
-- Cip

Jeane said...

Cip- sorry if I was unclear. The book is not about art, but about pregnancy and birth, and uses art to celebrate that experience. Thank you for the kind compliments on my art. Birds are a pervading theme in many of my pieces.

Gentle Reader said...

This looks like a good gift book for expecting mothers--always nice to have ideas for that gift category, thanks!