Sep 9, 2008

Covering Ground

Unexpected Ideas for Landscaping with Colorful, Low-Maintenance Ground Covers
by Barbara W. Ellis

Eh, I just couldn't get into this one. I think my brain is simply too saturated with gardening information right now. The first few pages I was really enjoying the easy prose and beautiful pictures, but before long my mind began just glazing over the words and sliding away. Covering Ground has a lot of how-to's and facts about selecting and growing plants to blanket the naked (or weed-ridden) earth. Not only ones that hug the soil at about the height of your lawn, but also some taller plants, low shrubs and diminutive trees are discussed. The book is nicely arranged into chapters about design, plant care, and species according to site conditions. This really is a lovely book, but I just wasn't in the right mood for it. It's one I think I'll come back to someday.

Abandoned                                224 pages, 2007


janet said...

This makes me smile -- a book review that starts with "Eh"! :-)

We're getting ready to pull up the remaining plants and start covering our garden with leaves for the winter. It's what we do every year, but this year you came to mind: "I wonder if Jeane has read anything about this..."

Jeane said...

Ha, yes I have. I just pulled up my spent pea and cucumber plants, and raked up the old mulch and litter. But instead of blanketing with leaves I did it with green manure: planted a bunch of clover, to stay in until spring. I'm not sure it will work yet, but giving it a try. Other parts of the garden I'm putting under alfalfa, and some will get the carpet of dead leaves, tho I'm afraid that will harbor insects. We'll see which winter cover I like best come spring!