Jun 19, 2008

cover makeovers

Last night I had a little fun giving new faces to more books I had without dust jackets. I thought I'd share the results with you (from my magazine clip file):

Icebound Summer, by Sally Carrighar

One Child, by Torey Hayden

The Tribe of Tiger, by Elizabeth Thomas Marshall

Papillon, by Henri Charrière

Bambi, by Felix Salten

I read recently that the deer Salten had in mind when writing the story were european roe deer, not the north american white- or blacktail I 'd always imagined. So I used a picture of that species.


Lezlie said...

I love when you post these. They're so pretty!


bethany said...

those are BEAUTIFUL!! I love them! Great covers, they are really neat.

Thanks for sharing those!

Terri B. said...

I love the covers you've created! Great idea.

Trish said...

I love these! Especially Tribe of Tiger. :)

writer2b said...

Photoshop is nice, but I think your handmade ones are lovely!