May 12, 2008


My three year old wanted to participate, so she and I made a game out of choosing the winner for my giveaway of The Country Life. I wrote the names out on a piece of paper (nine, my lucky number!) and then she

snipped them apart,

helped fold,

found a cup from her picnic set,

and picked out the winner!

Hil'Lesha, congratualtions!

I'll be sending you an email for your postal address presently. Thanks for visiting my blog and participating. Look for more giveaways coming up soon!


Bookfool said...

Too cute! I love the photos of your daughter. :)

writer2b said...

Yes, ditto! :-)

Dewey said...

Aw, cute! And that's some fine cutting for a three year old!

Susan said...

Your daughter is so cute!!! And yes, great cutting by her. Congratulations to the winner....

Lauren said...

lol Very cute!!