May 7, 2008

One Day At Teton Marsh

by Sally Carrighar

Like One Day on Beetle Rock, this charming nature novel tells of a day's events through the experiences of fourteen different animals. It is set in a marsh at Jackson Hole, Wyoming and based on hours the author spent watching the native wildlife. One Day at Teton Marsh features otters, trout, osprey, mosquitoes, scud, mink, a hare, merganser, moose, leech, frog, snail, trumpeter swan and beaver. I enjoyed this book more than Beetle Rock, because it features a storm, which introduces more drama than just the everyday survival habits of the animals, and because the intertwining of storylines At Teton Marsh is really well done. Not only do you see how each animal experiences the same event (the storm) but also how closely they relate to and influence each other, even without meaning to. It's fascinating. If you like reading about nature, I highly recommend this book. Now I really need to get my hands on Icebound Summer, which is a similar Carrighar book I haven't read yet.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 253 pages, 1955


teabird said...

What a wonderful concept - almost like a Rashomon for animals! Definitely going on my list.

Jeane said...

What is Rashomon?