May 18, 2008

Geek Love

by Katherine Dunn

Another book recommended by a family member- this time my husband. It's one I felt quite unsettled by, and at the end still unsure exactly what to make of it. It is well-written, interesting and hard to put down. Until you start to feel utterly disgusted. Geek Love is about a family of freaks, in a traveling circus. There is a boy with flippers instead of arms, an albino midget, a pair of siamese twins, etc. But their parents intentionally used drugs, chemicals and radiation during pregnancy in order to create a family of freaks. If that isn't horrifying enough, the manipulative, greedy and egoistic characters are pretty unpleasant, and there are lots of disturbing situations, including the building of cults, incest and intentional self-mutilation for attention. I really didn't understand most of this book and found most of the characters unlikeable. I only finished it because A. said what a great book it was, but I found I couldn't really agree with him. I'd like to know what others think of it, do let me know if you've read it as well.

Rating: 2/5 ........ 355 pages, 1989

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Lauren said...

Wow... sounds disturbing. You'd think it was about 2 geeks falling in love from the title!

Bybee said...

People raved about this book when it came indie types. I read it but barely remember anything except a slight frisson of distaste.

writer2b said...

355 pages! I admire your endurance.

Jeane said...

Lauren- I thought the same thing when A. first told me about it- a romance about computer nerds or math whizes. So wrong.

Nymeth said...

I plan on reading it at some point this year, so I'll make sure to share my thoughts then.

Sam Houston said...

I read this one a couple of years ago and reacted much like you. I just wasn't sure what to think of the thing when I was done. It had its interesting moments but some of the characters and their actions were distasteful enough to keep me from really "enjoying" the book.

I would definitely not read it again...once was enough, maybe more than enough, in fact.

Bookfool said...

Sounds like a skipster. Thanks for the warning. I would have expected a romance between a couple of computer techies, also.

Steph said...

I'm actually interested in reading it.
Sounds... weird, but I like weird.
I like feeling uncomfortable when I read.

pussreboots said...

I couldn't get past page 50 or so because I so detested the parents.