Feb 5, 2019

The Decision

Animorphs #18
by K.A. Applegate

Warning for possible spoilers if you haven't read this far-

I like the books that are from Ax's POV, the perspective of humans as the aliens with strange, baffling ways, is refreshingly different. Once again, in this installment the Animorphs make a plan that doesn't end up where they intended to- but they seem to be making firmer choices in the middle of things going wrong. The main morph in this book is into mosquito- because the Animorphs learn that a Secret Service agent is in a coma and the hospital is infiltrated with Yeerks. The unconscious man is going to be taken over by Yeerks who will of course use his high position for evil, so the Animorphs think they can pre-emptively morph into this man and stand in his place (incidentally, find out in this book that while all Andalites have the morphing ability, most of them never actually gain a lot of various morphs because it is used by specialists who act as spies). They don't seem to have as many qualms as before, about using a human's DNA without permission, and they aim to acquire it by getting the man's blood as mosquitoes. But their mission goes wrong- surprise! - they are engaged in fighting the enemy on the hospital grounds and then after a bunch of really weird stuff happens, find themselves on an alien planet where the Yeerks are about to stage a takeover. Ax for the first time in many years encounters his own species- and finds his loyalty torn- should he obey his superiors or stay at the side of the humans? Before they know it, they're involved in the battle on this planet- even though they try to avoid it- and become key players in foiling the Yeerk invasion of the Leerans (except we never get any closure on how successful this actually was). Some of the humans Animorphs find themselves seriously doubting Ax's integrity to their cause, and they also make an awful discovery that not all Andalites are honor-bound: they encounter a traitor and have growing suspicions that Visser Three (or someone close to him) has once set foot on the Andalite home planet.

And then rather abruptly they all return to Earth to find out the coma guy woke up, the Yeerk controllers in the room bailed out, and then they're having a calm, sarcastic-laden conversation about what happened. I'd really like to know what happened too, but for all that it was still an entertaining read.

Rating: 3/5                  168 pages, 1998

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