Aug 11, 2017


Volume 4
by Kiyohiko Azuma

More fun seeing everyday events through the eyes of five-year-old Yotsuba. She is eager to play games with her Daddy- but gets upset because he always wins- even when she changes the rules. Jumbo takes the girls fishing. You'd be surprised which one was squeamish when it came to cleaning the fish. Yotsuba goes shopping with her dad for a special dinner- and when he finds he left his wallet at home, she steps right in to solve the problem- to his embarassment! Yotsuba discovers Fuka is very glum because she felt rejected by a boy she likes- and tries to console her. Then blabs Fuka's secret to the entire family when she decides to be a news reporter and has to think of some real event to announce. She does group exercises in the park with other kids. She wants to be a milkman and 'makes' milk out of water and paint- then gives it to her unsuspecting dad. And misunderstanding the onomatopoeic word for a cicada that also sounds like a word for a pointy hat- whom everyone says signals the end of summer- she dresses up in a triangular outfit and dances around like a fairy to magic the change of the seasons. That part was a bit hard to get sometimes, but the translator's notes help. It's hard to explain why the book is so charming and funny- you'd have to read it!

Rating: 3/5                 192 pages, 2005

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