Sep 11, 2016

TBR 63

Kid Artists by David Stabler- Bookfoolery
The Forest Unseen by David George Haskell- Shelf Love
Evicted by Matthew Desmond- Caroline Bookbinder
I Will Send Rain by Rae Meadows- Book Chase
Jonathan Unleased by Meg Rosoff- Bermudaonion's Weblog
Make the Bread Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese- Caroline Bookbinder
The Unwritten by Mike Carey- So Many Books
A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron- Book Chase
Mutt's Promise by Julie Salamon from Puss Reboots
Beside Myself by Anne Morgan- Opinions of a Wolf
Home and the World by Rabindanrath Tagore- Shelf Love
Raising the Barre by Lauren Kessler- Caroline Bookbinder
Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are by de Waal- Reading the End
Follow That Bird! by Bill Oddie - Read Warbler
Sanaaq by Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk- the Indextrious Reader
Drawn from Life by Stella Bowen- the Neglected Books Page
Waer by Meg Caddy- Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
The Secret of the Blue Trunk by Lise Dion- the Indextrious Reader

Did you write about one of these books recently? I have lost part of my list of links. Was able to remember whose blogs I saw most of these books on, but not all. They're from the past month and a half. I like to link to the source of interest (your blogs!) so that I remember what first caught my eye about any particular book, and link to your review if and when I finally read the book myself... If it was on your blog, do let me know and I'll update this post.

I figured them out, thanks!


Cath said...

I wrote about Follow that Bird. :-) Pity all us book bloggers don't live in the same town as I would happily pass it on to you. Imagine that... a town full of readers. Bliss!

Jeane said...

Thanks, Cath. Yes, I recognize where I saw it now! I think it might be odd to be surrounded by a lot of other book nuts. I'm so used to it being a solitary activity!

Stefanie said...

The Home and the World is really good. I hope you like The Unwritten! I just finished volume 3 and have volume 4 waiting for me at the library :)