May 12, 2016

Urban Dog

by Will Cohu

It looked cute and was supposedly about a dog, but really I found more about people in this book and honestly I got bored with it. Granted, there are lots of interesting characters the author meets on walks with his scottish terrier, or during his constant shifting about from one rental to another. Sometimes he took up with friends- huge contrast between the dilapidated flats and wealthy estates he lives in at different times. He also describes trips to various places including Scotland and eventually, Los Angeles. I might have found the Londoner's take on American culture interesting, but by the time I reached that point of the book I was only skimming and rapidly loosing interest. I wanted to read more about the dog, Parker. Who is a constant presence, but more of a sidekick or background figure, not the central focus of the book. It was a real letdown because I laughed three times in the first dozen pages so I was hopeful to have a good, light read. Then at the halfway point realized it wasn't enjoyable anymore and my interest was flagging. I got two-thirds through and that was all. Sorry!

The author wrote a newspaper column about life with his dog; this book is semi-fictional memoir showing what went on behind the scenes of it all, I guess. I suspect I might have enjoyed his original column better.

Abandoned        215 pages, 2000

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