May 4, 2016

A Man's Garden

by Warren Schultz

Saw this book on display at the library and thumbed through it, liked the variety of styles I saw and brought it home to read. It's about men who are passionate about gardening- showcasing fourteen different and very individual gardens. Cottage gardens rioting with flowers, zen gardens full of quietness and mosaic stone pathways. Gardens on steep hillsides with winding stone walls, gardens sculpted and shaped by literally reforming the earth. Gardens grown in challenging climates, gardens planted where practically anything will take root and flourish. There's a classic vegetable garden, and a guy whose focus is giant pumpkins. There's a man who filled his yard with palms, and then went on to plant them all over the neighborhood. Gardens full of whimsey and odd eye-catching artwork, others that are neat and tidy, all about the plants. There's even a featured railroad garden. While I liked reading about the wide variety of personalities, what they brought to gardening and how they went about it, mostly I was inspired by the pictures of layouts and plants. Nice enough book.

Rating: 3/5       142 pages, 2000

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Stefanie said...

Sounds like a nice book for browsing in on a lazy weekend