Jan 4, 2016

eight zebras

My four-year-old wanted to do "the big zebra puzzle" with me. It's 500-plus pieces, but we worked it all in one day. It wasn't all broken up properly last time- about half the pieces were stuck to a few others so it went quicker than I'd expect. I kind of feel like this is cheating but she thought it was a great bonus!
It's an older puzzle and I thought I'd find it boring because of the typical straight grid cut. But the pieces all have wavy edges on the vertical sides, and they varied enough to make it interesting.
This one's a keeper.


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Well done! I'm with your four-year-old -- I do take the stuck-together pieces apart when I'm getting a puzzle out of a box, but I always sort of wish I could leave them together. :p

Shelley said...

Beautiful! We've been on a puzzle craze lately and I just glued and framed four of them.