Jul 2, 2015

this is what 926 books look like

all piled up in one room, waiting for shelving to be installed.
There's another few dozen TBR books under the bed as well
this stack next to my smaller aquarium
and my regular TBR shelf that's full of clutter because I don't have things all organized and put away yet. Oh, and the count is off- some more books here on the floor in front of little shelf that my father-in-law gave me (unfortunately I won't be keeping most of them- half are of a genre I don't usually read, and the other half books I know I love- because I already own copies of them!)
And last of all, the book I'm currently reading. It's taking me a long time to get through this one, but what a fantastic read!


bermudaonion said...

Did you sneak into my house to take those pictures?

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Oo, what kind of shelving are you installing? When are you expecting it to be up?

Jeane said...

bermudaonion -haha, nope!

Jenny - just my old bookcases, they had to wait for the moving truck load. Here now, finally everything is getting settled in and out away. i even kept the books more or less organized this time, so they got shelved again as I can find them easy

Literary Feline said...

I bet you'll be glad when you have the shelves installed! These photos look all too familiar. In our old house, I had a room that looked very similar--books were everywhere. :-)

Stefanie said...

Look at those book piles! Have fun shelving them! I enjoy a good bout of book shelving and organizing from time to time :)

Jeane said...

Literary Feline- it is nice to have the books all in one room again (they used to be in two parts of my apartment.) I like to see them all together. I do someday want a real library room, that will only have books in it!

Stefanie- it was some fun, actually. I don't often have my entire collection off the shelves with a good reason to handle them all, it's nice once in a while to go through them and reorganize, remember ones I'd forgotten I had, remember which I want to read again soon!