May 16, 2015

The Singlehanders

the Evolution of a Lonely Art
by D.H. Clarke

Singlehanders are men (or women, though far less common) who sail boats all by themselves across an ocean or around the world. It's an amazing feat, whether done in desperation for survival due to some accident or stranding, or deliberate attempts. Lots and lots of men have done this- either sponsored into exploring, racing against each other, testing how far they could go or to what was out there, or just to prove to themselves/others that it could be done. To set records. The author here was really into this stuff and did singlehander journeys himself, and here he set down a record of all the people who've made attempts that aren't famous- all the unsung heroes. There's plenty of them. So their tales are short. It's heavy on names, and who-is-from-where and where-they-went-and-why and short on the details I like, the descriptions of the experience itself.  I just can't keep focus on this book. Maybe it's me. I started skimming a lot and the bits I did read where well-explained and interesting but I don't think I'll go back to it. It's only mildly interseting if, like me, you've never actually been sailing.

Abandoned        206 pages, 1975

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