Jun 24, 2014

long-term goals

I have, for many years now, been slowly working through several goals in relation to my reading. The foremost of course are to read all the books that I own, read most of the books on my written TBR list, and to write about all the books I can remember having read. This last I've been slowly making progress on- I have a few compiled lists from the years before I began blogging, and whenever I write a past reads posts, it catches up some on that.

But I've been thinking lately about yet another goal.

I would like to take one year, and only read books off my permanent shelf. I wonder if I could make it through them all- it would be about seven hundred books, far beyond the usual amount I read in a year- but then, they would all be re-reads, so maybe I'd go through them faster. I think much of it would be enjoyable, delightful in fact, as I've kept these books because I loved them. But I'm also afraid at meeting some serious disappointments- many I have not read in a decade or more, they might not stand up to a re-read. Especially those I haven't read since my childhood, or teen years.

So... am I crazy? I'm wondering if I'll ever do this at all. But definitely feel the need to meet one of my other goals first. Getting through all the books on the TBR shelves, at the very least.


Trish said...

700 in a year! Though I think you probably read much faster than I do. I love the idea of this, though. I keep most of the books I've read because I have such a tough time letting them go and I want to read them again one day...but I rarely ever do. I've thought about maybe re-reading one a month, but I always let other books get into the way.

Sounds like a fun challenge, though!

Jeane said...

It would probably be more, by the time I actually got around to doing this. Right now I've got 720 books permanently shelved... but it's a really good year if I read 150 books! Usually it's more like seventy.... ha ha.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Wow, this is an ambitious goal! You don't think you'd rebel against your own rules when you saw all the shiny new books that would be coming out? (That's what would definitely happen to me.)

Jeane said...

I admit it would be difficult to stick to!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

That is such an interesting idea! There are some books that I'm afraid to re-read, often because they were so perfectly what I needed in one moment that I'd hate to have that memory spoiled if I didn't love it the second time.

Jeane said...

Kim- I have the exact same feeling. But at the same time, it would probably be good to purge those that I find disappointing, and won't want to read a third, fourth or fifth time again. It would hurt, though.