Jan 5, 2014

diving into the Dare

A new year, and the Dare is underway. I'm participating for the fourth time. Last year I manage to stick to it all the way to April, and read thirteen books off my shelves. In 2012 I cleared seventeen books. 2011 was siderailed by the urge to read pregnancy books, so I only did the Dare for one month. I'm planning to go all the way again this year, although I still have a handful of fish books from the library in my house. But they came in before the year rolled over, so that's fine. Here's what's on the reading menu this year!

This is my main TBR shelf, plus that stack on the floor to the side.
I also have this small bookcase, the bottom shelf holds a lot of coffe-table nature books, mostly National Geographic ones and books featuring some national parks.
There's also a lot of large books full of nice big photographs on this shelf that I haven't read yet, most of them about animals.
And we can't forget the addition of some fishie books that were recently given to me!
That's a total (if my LibraryThing tally is accurate) of 244 books I have available to read off my own shelves. Let's see how big of a dent I can make this time.


Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Good luck! I am daunted looking at your TBR pile but I bet you will do awesome at whittling it down!

bermudaonion said...

Good luck! I really need to participate in something like that.

Chris Howard said...

Well that's certainly enough books to get you through the year :p You're braver than me! I won't even pretend to try this, lol...I'd fail pretty quick :p

Trish said...

Most of me doesn't want to know how many unread books I have in the house. Good luck!! Hope you can find some great ones in the stack.

Sandy Nawrot said...

I love the Dare...I participate every year and it almost becomes a way of life with me. Lord knows I don't need any new books! Ever!