Jan 17, 2014

300 Questions About the Aquarium

by Petra Kölle

I am learning that when you want to research something, don't just go to the library and browse the shelves. The really good books are all in the hands of other readers, not sitting on the shelf waiting for me! Search the catalog. So now I have the final fish books of my selection available to read, been waiting for them to come to me from library holds.

This one is laid out as a series of questions regarding fish, their care, aquarium setup, all the usual stuff. Fairly well-organized, layout makes it easy to find what you want to look up, and the pictures are good quality. It's concise and very informative. I wish I had read it in the beginning of my foray into fishkeeping, as it addressed some of the problems I initially had and could have saved me a bit of trouble!

The book sent me to the computer to look up a few things- what's a tiger teddy fish, what kinds of algae are actually a sign of a healthy fish tank, does calcium deficiency really cause a crooked spine (danios are prone to this deformity from genetics as well), what does a gill fluke infection look like (I now suspect Bluet had this), and are plakat bettas more aggressive than betta splendens (yes, but they still have individual varying temperaments).

Rating: 4/5   256 pages, 2005

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