Dec 5, 2013

500 Ways to be a Better Freshwater Fishkeeper

Hints and Tips from a Team of Experts
by Mary Bailey, et al

Exactly what it says it is. This book follows the usual procedure of informing the reader about equipment, setup, choosing fish, compatible species, maintenance, feeding, etc. but presented in a different way. Instead of telling you the basics, the book advises how to do it all better. Being smarter in how you do stuff, more economical and so on. Tips on how to make savvy purchases, what kind of tank is better, is used equipment really a better deal, how to make things yourself, how to transport your fish home safely without them going into shock, what fumes in the air might do to your fish, what to do if the power goes out, and so on. I found the suggestions and information most valuable. I jotted down tons of notes and am already using some of the ideas it gave me.

The authors include Bailey, Nick Fletcher, Andy Green, Sean Evans, Peter Hiscock, Anna Robinson and Pat Lambert. Good, clear photos.

Rating: 4/5   128 pages, 2005

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