Sep 24, 2013

bookmarks giveaway!

Here's a free pair of donkeys.
Actually, a quartet, there's one on each side of each bookmark. Stylishly presented, on a backdrop of green plant texture and caterpillar bristles (yes, that's right- caterpillar hair, even though it looks like the fringe of a rug or cactus spines at first glance, or so I thought). These burros would like to save your spot, in whatever book you're reading!

For a chance to win this laminated bookmark pair, simply leave a comment on this post. I'll draw a winner's name at random on tuesday, Oct 1st. Open to anyone with a mailing address in the US or Canada. Please be sure I can easily find your email address to contact you if you win!


Susan said...

I feel guilty for putting my name in again when we just won last month's book marks - and thank you so much for them. My daughter and I are sharing them :-) She really likes donkeys now, so if I could put my name in (and should be so lucky to win twice, which never ever happens for me) I will give them to her for her birthday in December. She will be delighted. Thanks, Jeanne! And thanks for another giveaway to enter.

Jeane said...

Well, Susan, you've put in the only entry, so you're the winner! Don't feel guilty at all. I'm glad to send them to you.