Jun 5, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol 7
by Konami Kanata

Little kitten Chi continues her escapades. She romps around in the dark at night, following her new kitty companion Cocchi. The wiser street kitty is often cross at Chi's antics and clueless questions, but he tolerates her presence and eventually finds comfort in her company as well. When the kittens stray too far, the Bear Cat (ever a friendly mentor) guides them to safety. At home, Chi constantly causes kitty mischief. She's intrigued by birds on the tv screen, wants desperately to catch the new goldfish out of its bowl, eats fondu for the first time, and unfortunately, gets sick. I found it touching that during her illness, the Bear Cat and Cocchi appear at the window, peering in anxiously to see what has become of their young friend. I'm eager to continue onto the next volume and read more about this endearing little cat.

Rating: 4/5 ......... 142 pages, 2010

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