Jun 21, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol. 5
by Konami Kanata

Cuteness continues as Chi gets better acquainted with her neighbors, struggles to find a good night's sleep, snoops around daddy's office (resulting in a hilarious encounter with a roll of sticky tape), is introduced to a cat brush (which brings back dim memories of her mother's attentions) and a cat door- which she stubbornly resists using until falling through it by accident! She has some more hilarious interactions with the little boy of the family, and goes exploring further abroad in her neighborhood, with plenty of little adventures. She meets several different cats, including one who seems to recognize her from a family resemblance, and the reader discovers on the last page, where a map is shown, just how close Chi is to her original home (which she doesn't even remember). It makes me curious to see if in a future volume she meets up with her mother once again.

Edited note: Oops! Somehow I forgot to publish this one before writing about book six, so it's out of order.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 146 pages, 2007

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