Jun 13, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol 9
by Konami Kanata

I think this is my favorite Chi book so far. In the first few chapters, Chi faces one frustration after another as her human family tries to keep her safe; first by not allowing her outside, and then by attempting to walk her on a leash (you can guess how well that goes!) Meanwhile Cocchi gets steamed at waiting so long for Chi to meet up with him for their usual playtimes, and when Chi finally escapes the leash she gets annoyed waiting for him, after he's gone off in search of her. They are overjoyed to encounter each other again and more interesting developments occur as Cocchi lets Chi see more of what his daily routine is like as a stray, and she slowly begins to comprehend how different his life actually is from hers. After an exhausting night spent roaming in search of food, Chi and her street-wise friend finally end up back at home again, where Cocchi gets one shock after another as he sees how pampered his little friend is in her apartment. The best part of this book though, was when Cocchi runs into Chi's original kitty family, the mother still calling for her lost one. He's intrigued by how much one of the kittens looks like Chi herself, doesn't quite get it yet though the reader does! Bonus material in the back shows a "Lost" poster from Chi's original family with her picture on it; I'm anticipating a reunion with her mom and siblings soon. The next volume comes out later this summer and my eight-year-old daughter and I are both really looking forward to reading it.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 146 pages, 2012

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