Jun 4, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol. 6
by Konami Kanata

Kitty cuteness continues. I haven't had much time for reading of late, but these kitten-powered graphic novels are perfect for some light entertainment and warm fuzzy feelings and good laughs. In volume six, Chi gets in trouble for tracking mud through the house, is upset at being restricted from accessing certain objects in the household (hot iron, plants she destroys, etc), is entertained by packaging when new items arrive in the home, plays and squabbles with Yohei (her little boy sibling), discovers the annoyance and -paradoxically- delight of the vacuum cleaner, suffers the indignity of wearing her first collar, and discovers the great outdoors after dark. Most intriguingly, she meets another kitten who is apparently a stray cat and whose ways puzzle and delight the sheltered Chi.  The other kitten, named Cocchi, is annoyed by Chi's insistence in following or playing with him. Makes for some great kitty entertainment!

Rating: 3/5 ........ 146 pages, 2009

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