Jul 25, 2012

Let's Count

by Mike Dunning

For a counting book, this one is fairly simple. Each page just pictures the objects and numbers in order: one puppy, three cupcakes, four lizards, up to ten toy soldiers. But it's got some subtle things going on, as well. Most of the pictures have elements that match the numbers as well. For example, on the cupcake page, each cupcake has three decorative elements in the frosting. Each lizard on the 4 page has four feet. The starfish on the 5 page all have five arms (some can have up to forty or fifty, you know), the bugs on the 6 page all have six legs, and spiders demonstrate the number 8. It's a nice little touch. Another thing that makes this book a bit different is that the page margins have tabs that stick out with the numbers running down the side, so when you close the book you see all the numbers vertically on the right margin. It makes the page edges change shape, which I imagine might help keep interest when little minds wander... (currently my baby won't sit still through four or five pages, even if she brings you the book repeatedly!)

rating: 4/5 ....... 10 pages, 1995

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Alyce said...

If they're bringing it to you that's a victory in itself. :) It does look like a cute read!