Jul 13, 2012


by Gloria G. Schlaepfer

This juvenile non-fiction book about hyenas is a lot more detailed and fact-filled than the previous one. It doesn't create a narrative, but is just as easy to read. Geared towards older kids, I'd say. The book not only discusses hyenas' roles as scavengers, but also their social structure, how they raise their young, and threats to their survival (mostly due to people unreasonably fearing or hating them). In actuality, the book informs young readers, most hyenas hunt for themselves and only the smaller less abundant brown and striped hyenas are mainly scavengers. The aardwolf eats termites. I haven't seen many books that talk about the aardwolf; I don't think I was even aware they belong to the hyena family before. It was nice to see a very informative book that includes the less well-known species.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 48 pages, 2011

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