Jul 26, 2012


win a free pair of bookmarks! with a watery theme
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I guess these caught my eye because I've been spending lots of time with the kids at the pool, in the hot hot weather. The smaller one has a man diving into the blue on one side, a sailboat on the ocean al reverse. The larger bookmark has the line on the bottom of a pool lane, and ripples on the water on its opposite side. I think they're quite attractive! Laminated, handmade from magazine scraps, by yours truly.

click on either image to view larger


Susan said...

They are lovely and relaxing, especially with the heat we've been having. We're in a drought situation like you are, though not quite as severe yet. If we don't get some rain soon, it will be bad. So the water on these cards is good for the soul, I think! Please enter me into the draw - email is flynn4347@rogers.com

Cipriano said...

These are great bookmarks. Count me in!
In the near million-degree, non-A/C environment I work in, day-to-day, these bookmarks would be a welcome reminder of a pre-Gobal-Warming world!