Jun 14, 2012

Animal Farm

Fables Vol. 2 
by Bill Willingham 

Second volume in the Fables series. The story in this one takes place on the farm where all the non-human fable creatures live.  Snow White and her sister Rose Red drive up to see how things are going on the Farm and find themselves in a middle of a revolution. A group led by one of the Pigs wants to storm on the human fables who live (unfairly, they feel) in New York City and then move on to take back their homelands. Violence, treachery and complications ensue. Snow White finds her sister has joined the other side, the tiger Shere Khan is stalking her, and she has to figure out who is supplying the animals with weapons and stop them. Again, I really wasn't so much taken by the storyline as intrigued by the portrayal of famous characters in a different light, but didn't get enough of that. I could have done without the violence. At one point when heads were getting blown off and bunnies toting guns, I was ready to just quit, but later picked up the book and finished it. The ending was interesting, and I am curious to see where the next volume leads, but not sure how long I'll continue in this series. I love the artwork.

rating: 3/5 ........ 128 pages, 2003

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Jenny said...

There is a fair bit of violence in the series -- to the point that I sometimes feel like the author is doing it more for the shock value (fairy tale characters KILL each other!) than to service the story.

Jeane said...

Hm, good to know what I'm in for.