Jun 9, 2012

The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad

by Thornton W. Burgess

Hm. There's not much really happening in The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad, I'd hardly call it adventures at all. Instead, it's mostly about Peter Rabbit's curiosity when he discovers all kinds of things he didn't know about his homely neighbor the toad. When the story begins Peter and his friends are laughing themselves silly because Mr. Toad tells them he's going to sing in the spring chorus around the pond. They're astonished to find that the relatively unattractive toad has a wonderful voice. Peter Rabbit is so impressed that he begins to pay more attention to Mr. Toad and further learns all about baby toads (tadpoles), where Mr. Toad goes in the summer and how he hides from enemies and bad weather by digging himself into the ground. He (and the reader) finds out about Mr. Toad's an astonishingly long, sticky tongue and beautifully jeweled eyes. But probably the most surprising thing of all is that Mr. Toad has something in common with the largest animal in the forest- Buster Bear. And when that discovery is made a little adventure does take place; although as is common in these books it has to do with some animals playing tricks on the others. Enjoyable reading that will teach you quite a bit about toads, in a friendly fashion! For a little summary on some facts about toads found in the book, visit Ellyanna's Discoveries.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 118 pages, 1916


bermudaonion said...

With all the toads we have around here, I should read this.

Jeane said...

It's certainly a fun way to learn some facts about toads!