May 17, 2012

Warrior's Return

by Erin Hunter and Dan Jolley

The third volume here completes the little storyline about Graystripe's time away from his clan. I realize now that these Warriors comic books are extra stories not a part of the main series, but connected to it. I kind of like that they're adding to the main story instead of just retelling it.

In this one, Graystripe and Millie continue their journey to find the Thunder clan. A cat at a truck stop tells them he saw the clan and they went to the "sun-drown place" (the ocean). He tells them how to get there but Graystripe has issues with the recommended mode of travel: in the back of a truck! A main theme of this story was the conflict between the two cat companions: Graystripe despises anything connected with humans and is scornful of Millie when she uses her knowledge of the human world to solve problems. Yet at the same time he finds her attractive and struggles to tell her his true feelings.

I enjoyed reading this one, even as the visuals continue to disappoint. The books are so short, though, you can read each one in a single sitting. It would make sense to have them in one volume, as three chapters.

Rating: 2/5 ....... 112 pages, 2008

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