May 16, 2012

Warrior's Refuge

by Erin Hunter and Dan Jolley

This short comic book picks up where The Lost Warrior left off. Graystripe the cat and his new friend Millie are on a journey to find Graystripe's missing clan. They have to navigate dangerous roads, find food, avoid territorial cats and evade dogs. After an incident in a cornfield with terrifying large machinery, they hole up for a while in a barn with some resident cats who are kept trapped there by the household dogs. Millie proves that even though she grew up a pampered housecat ("kittypet" in their lingo) she has valuable skills: she knows how to deal with the dogs. Eventually the two move on and finally locate Graystripe's old home, but everything has changed...

The storyline was a bit more interesting this time, but the artwork still disappointing. I also found it odd to discover that although Erin Hunter's name is on the cover, she didn't actually write the book. On the title page it says created by Erin Hunter, written by Dan Jolley. Wondering what exactly that means. The author of the series hatched an idea and Jolley fleshed it out? Not sure.

Rating: 2/5 ........ 112 pages, 2007

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