Mar 2, 2012

My Mom

by Debbie Bailey

This board book that celebrates moms doing things with their children is not full of beautiful photos or adorable illustrations. Instead, the images look just like ordinary everyday snapshots you might take with your own camera. I don't know if that's because the photos are older per se, or if the photographer was going for a candid look, but I like it because it's different. It feels like anyone you could know, your friend or neighbor. It's a simple collection of pictures showing moms playing with, reading to, cooking for their children. Pushing them on the swings. Helping them get dressed. Giving a hug to a crying child. The simple text is narrated by the child: My mom is very special, We do lots of things together etc etc but the child also points out My mom lets me do things for myself, but she helps me when I need it. I like that message. And my daughter's favorite picture is of the little boy doing something for himself: a toddler standing inside the fridge to reach something. Cute.

Of course, My Mom is part of a series that includes books about grandparents, fathers and siblings which I would like to see more of. But this is the only one I've found at my library and they don't catalog the board books so I can't search for more, I just have to look on the shelf each time and take my luck.

rating: 3/5 ....... 14 pages, 1991


bermudaonion said...

That sounds special because it does feature ordinary people.

Susan said...

This brought back memories of reading the whole series with my eldest son twenty years ago! Then our daughter found a couple, though I can't seem to find any now, so I think they've been given away. The fathers one is really cute too, and very sweet. So is the grandparents book. Here's too good luck with finding them on your library shelf!