Nov 20, 2011

What's Michael?

Planet of the Cats
by Makoto Kobayashi

Volume 11. More adorable, humorous kitty comics. One about a cat who ranges far and wide, known by everybody it seems. Another about Michael's son, young tabbycat now who gets a crush on a girl-kitty in an apartment and tries to woo her. Cat and baby ruining mom's morning sleep. Older couple amusing themselves by bothering their sleeping cat. Michael's antics ruin a phone conversation his owner is trying to have with a friend.
Most of this book was the Planet of the Cats storyline, about a spaceship crew that crashes on a planet populated by sentient cats, who are horrified to find strange monsters among them. They erroneously classify them as elephant seals and put one of the crew in the circus; another member tries to rescue her with hilarious and disastrous results. It wasn't until I read another synopsis online that I figured out it was a parody of The Planet of the Apes, which I've neither seen nor read. So I guess if I was more familiar with that story, I'd appreciate this part more. As it was, I just found it bizarre.

But I liked the first half, and got quite a few chuckles out of it.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 104 pages, 1995

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Jeane said...

This is really sad. I visited my library's online catalog to see if they've acquired any of the earlier books in the series. Nope. And none of the ones I read before are there. Apparently they have been culled from the library's collection. I'm so disappointed. I wish I'd been at the library sale where those were discarded! I would have brought them home.