Mar 19, 2011

Your Baby is Speaking to You

by Dr. Kevin Nugent and Abelardo Morell

I first saw this book on SMS Book Reviews, and thought it looked just lovely. So I added it to my list of "pregnancy and baby" books to read. I'm so glad I did, it was just as wonderful as I expected. It's a collection of beautiful photographs, the type you'd expect to find in a book that just features photography as art. I don't think I've ever seen such cute infants before! (even the ones that are upset or crying look adorable) The photographs all nicely illustrate and compliment the text, which discusses different behaviors and emotional responses the newborn has, ways in which it can communicate with its loved ones. There's the obvious- the baby crying because it is hungry, wet, tired, uncomfortable, etc- and the not-so-obvious. Such as: when you are having a wonderful, face-to-face moment talking and cooing to your little one and the baby yawns or turns away, she might just be telling you she's had enough interaction and needs a break! There are sections on fussing, sleeping behavior, feeding, imitation (even an hour-old baby can mimic your facial expression), reflexes, touch and more. All of it informing you on just how much a newborn baby is taking in and what they are learning about the world around them. I love the gentle, thoughtful prose in this book. A sample:
Your baby is learning simply by watching you and by paying attention to all that is new and unexpected in the world around him. However, he is able to learn only because he can rely on you to protect him and meet all his needs. Whether he is asleep, wide awake, or in distress, it is the consistency and reliability of the care you provide that allows him to take in all the information he needs to understand his world. Love makes learning possible; and then learning provides its own momentum. 
I appreciated that the book doesn't just tell you about the wonderful babies that are easily soothed and snuggle up to you, but also the fussy ones that cry a lot or are difficult to comfort. The book was a gentle reminder to me of some baby "milestones" (after all, it's been five years since I last had an infant in the house!) by three months they start having regular sleep patterns, for example. It was a delight to pore over these pages (in the space of just an afternoon) and remember how wonderful babies are, that even though they can't talk yet, they definitely have ways of letting you know their needs and making a deep emotional connection with their family. Beautiful.

I borrowed this one from the public library.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 106 pages, 2011

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Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) said...

Looks like an adorable book! I love the cover photo, so I imagine the inside photos are just as lovely.

Jessica said...

I love books about infant/toddler development, now that I have one of my own - thanks for the review!
Just wanted to let you know that I added your blog to my blogroll - I used to blog at (The Curious Reader), but now I'm at

Callista said...

Glad you decided to pick up the book because of me, thanks for the link. I'm planning on reading a bunch of books you've been reviewing on here so I guess we keep giving each other ideas. I added a link to your review from mine as well.