Apr 16, 2010

The Wild Mare

by Glenn Balch

A cream-colored filly is born to a wild mare in the Idaho scrub, and on her very first day of life, looses her mother. Luckily Jim, a young ranch hand comes along and rescues her, raising her on cattle milk at the ranch station. When the filly is only five months old, an accident separates her from the only man she knows and trusts, and she ends up running off with the wild horses. The next time she meets mankind, they're strangers who see her as just another beautiful wild horse, one to be caught and broken in for profit. "Flax" spends several years evading cowboys and mingling with other wild horses, until finally she crosses paths with Jim once more. He recognizes her immediately, but she's only learned to fear men in the meantime. Can Jim win her trust again?

This book was first published with the title The Flaxy Mare. I got it from Book Mooch, because I was curious to read more stories by Glenn Balch. But this one didn't hold my interest as well. For that I had to give it just a 2; simply because I didn't enjoy it much, and often found my mind wandering. It's a nice enough story, though.

Rating: 2/5........ 153 pages, 1967

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Janet said...

Sounds sad... which is why I struggle with most animal stories. This is an author to keep in mind for my horse-loving child, though.

Jeane said...

Some parts are sad, but this one has a good ending!