Apr 15, 2010

giveaway winner!

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I read An American Childhood and put up my giveaway post, and here I've only written six more posts (all current reads). Several things have been keeping me busy. Gardening has started to take up more of my time, but recently I cut my finger while slicing bread, and sprained my ankle tripping over a toy on the floor, which has slowed down both my garden work and typing speed! So the posts are going to be sporadic for another week, perhaps, while I nurse a sore finger and foot.

However, here it is the day for a drawing! I simply put all the numbers into random.org, and this is what it gave me: # 7!

Commentor 7 was Nicole C.

Hey Nicole, you've won a book! Email me your address and I'll put it in the post tomorrow. I'm not sure when the next giveaway will be up, don't have them on a schedule anymore, so just keep checking back. I aim to do at least two a month for now...

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bermudaonion said...

Congratulations Nicole!