Feb 2, 2010

Child of Mine

Original Essays on Becoming a Mother
edited by Christina Baker Kline

A collection of essays on new motherhood, Child of Mine offers insights and honest perspectives from the experiences of new mothers who are all writers. Moms from all walks of life take a piercing look at what their first year of motherhood was like- with all of the mess, fatigue, insecurities, wonder and joy. Some of the stories are heartwarming, others sad, contemplative or just downright hilarious. Their focus may vary- from adoption, to breastfeeding, postpartum depression, struggles with poverty, feeling overwhelmed, dealing with colic, etc- and the writing styles are all different too. But the honesty and emotional intensity is a common thread, that ties all the various voices together. Whatever doubts and questions a new mother is struggling with, this book is pretty sure to have an answer in it somewhere- not a pat, dismissive everything-will-be-okay answer, but the compassion of understanding, of having been there and come through the difficulties. Now I need to find me a book like this about toddlers!

I read this book several years ago, borrowed from the public library.

Rating: 3/5 ....... 333 pages, 1997


Sandy Nawrot said...

The book on toddlers would be very short. It was just say "Prozac and wine". No, really, I know that's not funny. But that is how it felt! Actually, mine are almost 12 and 10, and that is still how I feel on some days. But we do love them so!

Jeane said...

Well, you've brightened my day with a laugh! Thanks, Sandy.

Amy said...

So you have a toddler? I have a toddler (almost 3) who is basically a waterless octopus. He keeps me hopping. Problem is, I have a 20 year old son and a 17 year old son, and they are just as much trouble!
The only thing that keeps me sane (besides books) is realizing that everything is just a phase and won't be around forever. I try and remember this when he sneaks into my bed to cuddle and ends up pushing me off the side.
Great post, and lovely blog. Mine has cats too! Cats and books, life's essentials.


Jeane said...

"A waterless octopus" that's a perfect description! Yes, mine's just about five.